Thursday, February 16, 2006

Australia ~ Arriving in Melbourne

The flight from Sydney was quick, easy, and really pretty economical. It makes a lot more sense to fly than to take a bus. Loren and Yvette met us at the airport, where they were dropping off Yvette's parents for their flight back to Sydney. We rode with them back to their home in Mordialloc.

After throwing our stuff in the spare room, and playing with Kya (their border collie) for a bit, Yvette grabbed a bottle of wine and they took us in to Melbourne to eat. One of the things I've loved about Australia are all of the restaurants that allow BYO. We sat outside at a nice little Italian/Pizza place, soaked up the ambience, and got caught up with each other. After dinner they took us to a dessert/coffee restaurant. The place was absolutely packed. Of course with the variety and quality of desserts, and the location in downtown Melbourne, it's no surprise.

Loren had quite a busy schedule for the next few days, with his workload AND football practice, so we decided to take a few days to head down to Mornington Peninsula.

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