Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Australia ~ Day 0

The night before we leave for Australia, and we've had a few questions about the details.

We're very sad to be leaving Demi for all this time, but we're happy she'll be staying with Dad & Ielean at the coast. She loves being with them, so we're hoping she'll settle down quickly and have her own holiday while we're gone. She's been pretty anxious since I left for Chicago. She's started to settle down a little, but she's super clingy right now. Anyway, we'll meet Dad & Ielean in Salem, hand off Demi and her things, and then hitch a ride with mom & Johnny to PDX.

We leave home at 8:30 am tomorrow (the 2nd), depart PDX at 3:10 pm, arrive in LAX at 5:25 pm, leave LAX at 8:35 pm (3:35 pm in Sydney, on the 3rd), and finally arrive in SYD at 6:15 am on the 4th (11:15 am Pacific time on the 3rd). So how does the math work out? We arrive in Sydney about 27 hours after leaving home, and about 20 hours after leaving Portland. We arrive in Sydney about 15 (real) hours after leaving the Pacific Coast, but the time in Sydney is actually 32 hours later ~ 15 hours of flight time + 17 hours of time difference.

So basically, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. Best go to bed then.

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