Friday, February 24, 2006

Australia~ Mtn Biking & Melbourne

Sunday morning Gregg (Me) and Loren got up to go mountain biking. Of course it turns out to be the ONE day it rains...Loren had borrowed a Specialized Epic from his friend Marcus, who was also gracious enough to toss in some clipless shoes and helmet. We drove about 30 minutes to Lysterfield Park, the sight of the upcoming Commonwealth Games Mountainbike Race. There we met up with Loren's buddy Jason. Since they were both riding singlespeeds, I tried to be fair and match their gear size, (but still shifted occasionally). The trails were rolling, twisty, and lots of fun. Kangaroo hopped and lounged nearby, most were hardly bothered by our presence. And despite the drizzle, it was so warm I had to ditch the light jacket. Some say no ride is complete without a little blood...Loren complied with a quick fall on the loose dirt, resulting in a scraped-up elbow and calf. Didn't look too bad, but then I didn't have "Grid-Iron" (American Football) practice after the ride like he did.

Getting back home, Loren made the mistake of mentioning we saw Kangaroos. Stephanie was a little jealous that I saw 'roos in the wild, so while he went to Football practice, Yvette took Stephanie and I back to Lysterfield Park for a hike. The rain had stopped, but the 'roos were hiding. We walked some trails and on the return loop we finally found some hangng out in the woods. They were very casual, just laying around and not jumpy like deer.

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