Friday, March 17, 2006

A new bike for Stephanie!

Well, Gregg's getting a new bike too. But he does that kind of thing a lot. It's a much bigger deal for me.

We tried out some 29ers quite a while back. And I really loved it. The 29" design feels more stable to me, and was therefore a LOT more fun to ride. I could ride quite a bit faster and still feel more in control. So Gregg's decided that a niner would be just the thing for me. The e.m.d. ("eat my dust" ... yeah, right) isn't out yet, but there were some early pic's posted in some MTB forum. So here's an early look. Pretty, huh? And the "pedal damn it" message is pretty inspiring. Not sure when I'll get it yet. It's on order, but Gregg will have to build it up for me when it arrives, because we're getting the frame only. Still, maybe about the time it quits raining for the season, I'll have something to ride!

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