Friday, August 04, 2006

Oregon's Jet Boats

We've had a couple of occassions to ride jet boats recently. Despite the fact that it's all part of an organized tour, it has the potential to be really fun! It isn't the best way to get to know the river, but it's not half bad as an introduction.

On Mother's day Gregg and I joined his sister Cindy, his mom, and her new husband Johnny for a jet boat trip on the Willamette. We had unbelievably gorgeous weather. Perfectly sunny all day, but not too hot. It makes me so happy to see the sun again. The Willamette trip starts at OMSI and goes to the Willamette Falls Locks (you can see the falls to the left), and back again. The guide was great, and in addition to doing lots of loop-de-loops for excitement he provided a lot of historical information about the area.

More recently I attended my 20th class reunion. I'll chat about that a little more later, but at the end of the reunion Gregg and I took a Sunday brunch trip on the Rogue River with Hellgate Jet Boat Excursions. I know I've done the trip before, but can't remember when that might have been. Years ago, just don't remember how many years. I wasn't expecting much, but it was actually a LOT of fun. Again, a great guide made all the difference. Of course the Rogue isn't as wide and deep as the Willamette, which makes it more fun in my opinion. You get to travel over more whitewater (ripples) and over very, very shallow water. It's amazing what those boats can do. Our guide was excellent at playing with the boat, and several times created huge walls of water that would wash over everyone in the boat. There wasn't a dry seat in the house. The photo shows the boat that was behind us, playing in our wake. Great fun for everyone (except the little old lady next to me, who spent the entire trip grumbling about getting wet, in the 90 degree heat).

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