Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Day

I think everybody ought to celebrate their birthday like it's a Federal holiday. Seriously. I try to. It can be difficult to plan a November day in Oregon. The weather's so fickle. But I do my absolute best.

I took Monday off, and planned the perfect day. The plan ... a long (3 - 4 hour) mountain bike ride with a friend of mine, a pedicure at the local beauty school, a visit with my chiropractor (free birthday visit!), take-out from the Thai restaurant, and watching a movie (any mindless entertainment) with my man.

The reality ... I woke up to a stormy, windy day. Huge wind storms on parts of the coast and inland. Lots of rain and wind gusts here. Christine's a total trooper, and would have ridden with the weather, but had to cancel due to a heavy work-load (she couldn't take off for 3 hours in the middle of a work day). But there was NO WAY I was going to let a little bad weather get in my way of a good time, even without the motivation of a riding partner. I scoff at you, mother nature. Ha.

So I went for my ride. I had to modify my plans a little bit, since the original plan would have had me riding directly into a strong headwind for almost 10 miles. Instead I went due North, and popped into the forest as quickly as possible. The highlights: in at Chip Ross, lower Dan's, upper Horse, got passed by three gravel trucks trying to get from Upper Horse to Upper Dan's, rode lower Dan's (with one minor spill in a muddy switchback), middle Dan's, and back via 29th. I messed up the bike computer quite a bit, so no show-and-tell, but the total ride was roughly 12 miles, in roughly 2 hours. A pretty decent ride considering the foul weather.

I was soaked through, muddy head-to-toe, and a little loopy-tired by the time I got back home. So took a quick shower, and met Christine downtown at Evergreen for lunch. Lingered lovingly over my veggie Samosa. Mmmmm. Veggie Samosa.

After lunch I went to the local beauty school for a pedicure. My comment on that ... you get what you pay for. It wasn't as great as the really expensive pedicure I got in Denver. But it cost a fraction of the Denver pedi. I'm not sure I'll bother with the thrifty version in the future. We'll see.

I stopped by New Morning Bakery before leaving downtown, to pick up Petit Fours for dessert. I love their Petit Fours. Tiny little cakes, covered with chocolate. And then headed to Dr Bilby's office. I heart Dr Bilby. Seriously. He totally saved me after the Vegas injury/incident. And they sent me a nice birthday card with an offer for a free visit for my birthday. Awesome! Now that's something valuable.

After killing a little time I called Tarn-Tip Thai Cuisine to order take-out, and drove back downtown to pick up Gregg. I forced the poor guy to take the night off from his usual projects, and hang out with me for the evening. A movie and take-out. Gregg had also visited the Bakery earlier and brought home some much more decadent desserts, which we ate instead of the Petit Fours. (The Petit Fours were just as tasty the next day).

I tried to stretch my day into a week, but no luck. I still had to get up "early" and work on Tuesday. And since I've been aging myself by an extra year all year (math is hard), my birthday didn't even seem to represent a milestone. I did manage to get a couple of friends together for drinks at Cloud 9 (LOVE that place) Wednesday night, which was a lot of fun. But it shouldn't take a birthday to make something that simple happen.

Still, one nearly perfect day is a pretty awesome way to celebrate My Day.

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