Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spring Break 2007 (catching up)

I can't believe I didn't write anything about this at the time. This is one of the bigger things that Gregg and I did in 2007, and I didn't realize I hadn't written about it until I started writing up the "Holiday Letter". Of course I was studying for an exam at the time, so I guess it's not entirely surprising that blogging was low on my list of priorities. Anyway, so that this doesn't take over the holiday letter, here's a quick "catch-up" post just about Moab ...

Gregg and I traveled to Moab, Utah during Spring Break this year, for the wedding of some friends of ours. Gregg has fond memories of Moab, but I'd never really been. It was a great opportunity to go out with a group of friends, and share the cost of a vacation rental. By pooling our resources we were able to get a big house with lots of room, and a good sized garage. Which was a good thing. Everybody in the house went with the intention of getting out and enjoying the area as much as possible, either on mountain bikes (our mode), dirt bikes, or 4x4. So the garage was packed!

The wedding was off-road, and accessible only by one of the above modes of transportation. There were a couple of 4x4's taking the parents and some family out to the site, the bride and groom and a couple of friends went out by dirt bike, and Gregg and I rode mountain bikes out with the groom's brother.

Without going into a lot of detail, we (just the group on mountain bikes) got lost on our way to the wedding. We made a wrong turn, and ended up riding through some really deep sand, and hiked up some pretty steep rocky stuff. Not really the ride we'd planned. The phones didn't work, and radios didn't work ... so we weren't able to contact the rest of the group to let them know we were off-course. We caused a bit of a delay for the rest of the wedding party, but the best man was finally able to reach us by motorcycle, and get back to the wedding to tell them to just go ahead without us. We completely missed the ceremony, but definitely had some adventures. And we were able to get back and cleaned up in plenty of time for the reception. What's a wedding without misadventure, right? I'm a little disappointed that we were the cause of the misadventure, but I think it was a fantastic trip even with our stumbling.
Here are wedding day photos we took.

My favorite event of the trip was the Porpucine Rim ride. We had a good group. We had the bride and her dad, the groom's brother (also a co-worker of Gregg's), and me and Gregg. I was still the slowest person, as I usually am in any group, but it was a good pace, and a TON of fun. I can't even describe how much fun I had. We've got to make the time to get back out to Moab and do that again. Here are some photos of the Porcupine Rim ride.

And here are a bunch of photos that Gregg took of his Slickrock ride, and another ride he went on while I was studying. Cool photos, but you'll have to ask Gregg about the details.

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