Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Finally, my best MTB ride in quite a while!

I've been trying to keep up with my training, but the weather's been pretty crappy. I've tried to keep up with the mountain biking, but many of my rides have been during the rain or snow, and at night. So I've done a bunch of road rides, a few sessions of "Cycling" class at the gym, and other general exercise (mostly lifting and swimming). But what I really love, and really miss during the gray, rainy, dark days is the mountain biking.

Finally, we had a long break in the rain, giving the dirt plenty of time to dry out. And Gregg and I managed to get one beautiful sunny day off ... at the same time! So we went out for a ride.

The dirt was perfect. A little hiking through 1 - 2 ' deep snow, a tiny bit of mud, but mostly perfect, dry, dirt. Later in the summer the dirt will get too dry and traction won't be as great, but on Sunday, it was ideal.

The weather couldn't have been better. It was still cool, but easy to dress for. And it was beautiful and sunny all day. We had amazing views of the mountains from the top of McCulloch.

And I'm stronger now than I was at the end of last summer. Yay! The training is paying off! I'm still such a very long way from being able to finish the TOE, but I've got more time to train ... best make use of it!

Here's a post, with the GoogleEarth image and elevation profile of the ride.

Sadly, it's going to start raining again this week. Messing up the trails and making my night rides wet, cold, and a bit less fun.

Can't wait for the sun to come out again!

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MTB Man said...

Yeah, I haven't been doing a lot of "real" riding this winter. We have been having a lot of this "mixed" precip. It'll snow then it'll rain or sleet and then freeze up. Too much snow and mud on the trails and ice on the roads so I spend a lot of time on the stat bike at the gym. I've been concentrating on that and trying to eat right so I have at least lost a few pounds. Been doing more strength training than I usually do during riding season too.