Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yay, I'm back on my bike!

I know that two weeks off the bike doesn't seem significant to most. But I'm really giving everything I can to reach my goal, and I just can't afford to be laid out by my back. So today was a pretty decent ride for me. Not great, and not as good as I've done previously, but pretty decent anyway. And more than that, it was a celebration of being back on my bike!

Good company today. Beautiful snow (really, really gorgeous, and kind of fun to ride in). And I'm finally learning how to fuel myself for longer rides (a lesson learned the hard way). I did have a freaky little muscle spasming episode on the last climb, and even after quite a bit of stretching I'm pretty tight right now. But I think this is all manageable, and that I'm just an inch away from being back to my (personal best) peak form.

So yay for me!! I'm a happy girl again :)

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