Friday, January 06, 2006

Big plans this year?

The biggest! Gregg and I will be flying to Sydney early in February, staying 3 weeks. We're planning on spending a few days touristing Sydney, and then taking a few days to visit the Blue Mountains. After that we'll fly to Melbourne, and spend most of our time in Victoria ... Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island, and other sights around Melbourne. We may try to hit Tasmania while we're down there, but we're as yet undecided on that.

This summer is my 20 year high school reunion. I know. Wow, huh?! Anyway, Christy & Hathan and Joe & Karin are also planning on attending, so it should be a great time. I'm hoping Gregg will have some fun too, so we'll bring down our mountain bikes and plan on doing some riding while we're there. And, for those who've never seen this, here is the magnificent and ever so intimidating caveman (our high school mascot) that stands guard at the north end of town. I laugh every time I see it.

Unfortunately the reunion conflicts with Da Vinci Days. Last year's festival was kind of a bust for me, so I was really hoping to take advantage of being a local this year, and spending my whole weekend at the festival. I've also volunteered to be on the film festival review committee this year. I'll be reviewing short independent films leading up to the festival, starting this weekend, but I won't actually be available to help out at the festival. I'm guessing they'll forgive me, and I'll be able to do the whole thing next year ... but I do feel a little bad.

In other anticipated events, I'm sure that Gregg will be picking a mountain bike race to compete in this year as well. Not sure what it'll be. He's been going back and forth on doing the Cream Puff again, and it's a ton of work to get ready for a race like that. But he's been doing one race every summer for a few years now.

Other news about Gregg: He recently went back to college! Got straight "A"s, and was the class smarty-pants. And then promptly got promoted at work, and is now back to full-time+ (and therefore not attending classes at the moment). He's really putting a lot into the job. He's been doing a lot of reading, keeping a lot of notes, and really trying to come up with creative marketing/pr ideas. I think that what he's most excited about right now is working with local mountain bikers to expand and map the network of local mountain bike trails. It's great to see him being really passionate about his work.

So, I've added a link to the left to my photos (September 2005 and New Year's 2006, so far) on Kodak's website. I can always send out invitations individually, but it would be simpler if I could link to my gallery from right here. So check it out to see if the link works for you.

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