Friday, January 13, 2006

Great news!!!

I passed exam EA-2A! No names are published yet, but my candidate number is 10917. I have no idea yet what the percentage of passers was, but it's usually around 25 - 30%.

I still need to pass EA-2B before I'm eligible to be an Enrolled Actuary, but I'll take a sitting off, and sit for it for the first time in May of 2007. That'll give me over a year to study the material, and in particular to become an "expert" in non-discrimination studies, which should give me a great shot at passing that exam on my first sitting.

I might be done with the exams then. Maybe. Or I might feel compelled to continue on with my ASA designation. We'll see. But for now, it's all about celebrating!


Anonymous said...


(this is Christy btw)

Wacky Neighbor said...

Congratulations to you, too.

Anonymous said...

You definitely deserved it, friend. Blessings on your celebration, and the next steps.
We miss you!

Anne Marie and family