Monday, January 30, 2006


Life has been pretty busy, and a little nuts. So basically, nothing new here. But I did have another of those odd little moments during the last week. I'm not a wordsmith, and the correct word isn't "odd", but I'm not sure how to characterize it.

Since we moved back to Corvallis I've seen surprisingly little of some friends, more of others, and since I work from home I almost never see anybody unless I make an effort to do it. Except for Ed. While working toward my degree at OSU Ed was one of three professors that stand out in my mind. I would say that the three of them taught 90% of my courses. That might be an exaggeration, but that's how I remember it. Anyway, all three were great, and all very likeable ... but Ed is the one who keeps popping up around town.

So I was in the Portland airport last weekend on my way to Chicago (Deerfield) for work, and came across Ed waiting for his flight to New York (via Chicago). Turns out he was on my flight. After a moment of conversation I let him get back to his reading and joined my friends. The flight was full, and I figured I wouldn't see much of him on the flight. A conservative assumption really. But it turns out that he had the aisle seat to my window seat. And Ed is an interesting guy. I've met his wife a couple of times, and she seems pretty great too. We're hoping to hear Ed and his Bluegrass band play, soon after we get back from Australia.

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