Friday, August 18, 2006

Working in the Seattle office, and Sea Kayaking with Heather, Christy, & Hathan

I love having the chance to meet up with co-workers, old and new. Sounds weird, I know, but since I work in an office of 1 it's a great novelty to me to be able to socialize with co-workers in person, so I take opportunities where I find them. So when Heather (friend and co-worker from Manchester) told me she'd be coming to Seattle I figured it was the perfect opportunity to visit with her, as well as with friends in the Seattle office.

So after taking the train to downtown Seattle, I hauled myself and my luggage up to the Seattle office to work. I know I get all goofy about this kind of stuff, but it was SO GREAT to see Ryan again, and Malaika, and to meet everybody else there. On my first night in town the Seattle office was having a softball game, so I got to go hang out with Malaika and watch the game. Lucky for me I'd worn heels, and at the moment of desperation where I might have gotten called in anyway (these things are always short on women) Gregg called. Nice timing Gregg! The competition got a little snipey and unpleasant, which really just made them more fun to mock.

Heather's flight got in mighty late, and the guy at the hostel checked us in to the 4-person male dorm instead of the female dorm. But eventually Heather made it to the hostel, the male dorm became a co-ed dorm, and all was well. The hostel was really nice. Very clean, very friendly (if not entirely competent) staff, and located just a block from Pike Place Market, and a few blocks west of the Seattle Mercer office. I'd totally recommend it!

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