Thursday, July 12, 2007

Geez ... is it that late already?

I'm a bad, bad girl. Getting out of touch the way I do. I never think I'm doing anything notable enough to write about, but before you know it I've done a ton of stuff, and haven't bothered to tell anybody about it.

That last post had such a great title, and yet no actual information about the Sea Kayaking adventure. Since we actually did get our butts into boats, and paddle our little hearts out, it's worth a comment or photo ...

Heather and I toured around Seattle a bit, and then took bus and ferry to Whidbey Island to stay with the Wiseman's. Carol and Bill are always excellent hosts, and with Christy and Hathan there too we had great company all the way around. It was a celebration of new and old friends, and Christy's birthday!

Christy and Hathan also came with us for Sea Kayaking in the San Juans. What an absolutely gorgeous place. I'd never been to the San Juans before, and I'd never been Sea Kayaking. We did spot some whales, but they were quite a way out in the water. We saw a lot of other wildlife though, and the guide was fantastic. We were all totally wiped out at the end of the day, but it was a satisfying tired. I don't have a photo of us paddling, but here's a post-paddling photo of an exhausted me and Heather on the Ferry ride home.
If you're ever headed to the "North of Seattle" area, I highly recommend Sea Kayaking in the San Juans!!! In fact I'd recommend taking a trip to the San Juans even if it's completely out of your way.

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