Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The French part of the working vacation (part 3)

Man, it's been AGES since I've been able to spend time with Delphine and Brett. And I hadn't even met Mason yet!

We had a little misadventure Friday night. The frazzled mom in Delphine took over, and she rushed out of the office to pick up Mason at day care ... forgetting me at the office. I ran to Union Station just in time to catch her bus. Whew! We met up with another friend of hers, and went to meet a bunch of French (and French-Canadian) women. She gets together with them once a month, I think, theoretically to speak French, but also I think to stay connected to these women with similar backgrounds and experiences. They were all incredibly nice, funny, generous ... and most of them were very French. Boy did I feel inadequate. The only second language I've ever tried to learn was German. Not that it would have helped in this situation, but after the maybe three years of lessons (twenty years ago), I don't even remember a word of German.

On Saturday we packed up Mason, and the four of us headed up to Boulder. We stopped for breakfast at The Original Pancake House. I'd never heard of it, but apparently it was founded in Portland! Who knew. We spent the afternoon cruising Pearl St, where I picked up a journal (which I'll never manage to fill) and some fabulous gourmet dot cookies (to ease my guilty conscience), and Delphine picked up some CDs to start replacing the collection that had gotten stolen from her car. It was a great, lazy afternoon. We rounded out the evening by taking the dog for a walk, eating take-out, and watching an episode of Psych (which I forced on them). I wish I had more time to spend with them. By the time I get around to visiting Denver again they'll be living in France. You may have already heard that our next planned travel will be to New Zealand ... but it looks like France (precise location TBD) and Manchester may follow.

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