Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The working part of the working vacation (part 2)

What a blur. I didn't take any pictures, or keep up with the blog ... but here are the highlights:
  • Happy hour on Tuesday with Paul, Chris, and Ryan, at Dazzle. Anectdote: Gregg and I came here with the Turin crew one night for Martini-making lessong. Totally cool place.
  • Tuesday's happy hour was followed by dinner at Le Central ... which became dinner around the corner at Little India when we realized Le Central was closed for the evening (remodeling or something). It's all good. They were both old favorites.
  • Wednesday's drive through the old NW neighborhoods. Not much has changed there. Dinner at Trattoria Stella, which still has the best bread pudding ever!
  • Lunches with Deb at Palomino; Susan, Heather, and Delphine at BDs Mongolian Grill; Coffee breaks with Ryan and Paul at Starbucks; Coffee with Marlise at Starbucks; and many other happy moments reconnecting with friends and prior co-workers

Aside from the walk to and from Ryan's (gorgeous and well-located) condo to the office downtown, I didn't get any exercise! Yikes. But it was fantastic being able to see old friends again. I'll have to get out there again for a working holiday ... and maybe before another three years have gone by!

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